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How I Escaped my Office and Built a Multimillion-Dollar per Year Business… All While Working from My Laptop and Smartphone.

Dr. Benjamin Adkins

Doctor and Digital Entrepreneur
When I opened the doors to my own Chiropractic office, I remember thinking to myself, “This is it, Ben. You’ve almost made it.”

After years (and years!) of schooling, the stress of passing critical exams that would make or break my future goals, and the weight of thousands of dollars in student loans, it all came down to this. 

Like you, I persevered because I knew the pay off at the end would all be worth it. I’d have the privilege of working in a career that I loved. Plus, I had the opportunity to truly help people. Not to mention, after years of scrimping on a student budget, the thought of having financial stability was a very welcome change. 

Of course, after opening the doors of my office, I stayed hungry for success during those first few critical years. Working hard to build the practice, attract new clients and keep the regulars happy.

By all accounts, things were going well. My younger self - the one who’d spent sleepless nights getting through College to get us here - would’ve been proud. But he could’ve never anticipated how I truly felt...

I Found Myself Stuck… Hungry for More Success but with No Room to Grow My Business Further.

Frankly, it didn’t matter how badly I wanted to grow my practice because 2 huge obstacles were preventing any opportunity to grow:

1️⃣ My pool of potential clients was severely limited to the local community that I lived in.

2️⃣ To help people effectively, I was limited to 1-on-1 appointments. Being that I’m just one guy with a limited number of hours in the day, it was impossible to scale and grow my business.

I was stuck in a rut. I wanted to help more people, grow my practice and enjoy crushing even bigger goals. But I couldn’t. 

The stagnant feeling quickly took its toll, which isn’t surprising when you consider that people like you and I have been programmed to chase after goals since day 1. The thought of having reached the ceiling already crushed me. I wanted more.

That’s When I Accidentally Stumbled on a Brilliant New Way to Service More Clients, Grow My Business... All While Escaping the Confines of the Office Walls.

While I was in the midst of growing my practice, I had dabbled in the world of digital marketing. At the time, I had only seen this as a tool to attract clients into my physical business. 

What I didn’t know was that there was a ton of potential for Professionals & Experts - just like you and me - to bring our expertise into the digital world and go beyond the restrictions of our physical office.

The problem is that most of us don’t know how to execute this. We’re so used to working in the “physical” world and accepting our fate amongst the office walls, we haven’t even begun to explore this possibility. Mostly because we don’t know where to start and frankly, if you’re like me, you’d be worried about whether the service quality for your clients would suffer.

But I was fed up with feeling like I couldn’t grow my business any further. It was time to branch out from the office and dive headfirst into the digital world.

That’s when I began building the foundation for what would soon become an incredibly successful, multimillion-dollar per year business.

I was determined to develop a strategic business model that would allow me to put my expertise to good use, help a ton more people, and create an opportunity to financially scale my business. Better yet, I wanted the ability to completely escape my office, create more time to do the things I love and enjoy the freedom of a flexible schedule.

Needless to say, it worked. 

After years of testing and tweaking...

This Powerful Business Model is Allowing Experts, including Myself, to Turn their Knowledge into 7-Figure Businesses!

With this new strategy, Professionals & Experts finally have the opportunity to:

✅ Reach a much larger group of potential clients. You’re no longer confined to the physical location of your office and the population that surrounds it. Now, you can use your expertise to help a ton more people across the globe. 

✅ Scale your business and increase your revenue stream. You’re no longer limited to the hours in the day. With this model, you’ll be able to efficiently service more clients so that you can go after those big financial goals.  

✅ Work from anywhere that you can bring your laptop and/or phone. You can finally escape the office and enjoy the freedom to work when and where you choose.

✅ Maintain the integrity of your service by effectively sharing your expertise in a way that will truly benefit your clients, and keep them coming back to work with you as needed. 

This is an exciting opportunity that I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy massive success with. Of course, I’m not the only one who’s said goodbye to the traditional office in exchange for more financial and lifestyle freedom.

This model has been replicated by other professionals and experts who turning their knowledge into 7-figure businesses.
Now it’s your turn. 

I’ve made you a video that’s going to walk you through the full details and share with you exactly how this works.

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