This Masterclass Changes Everything.
Look over Dr. Ben Adkins' shoulder and see the systems and processes that he uses to go from idea, to product, and then to launch in 4 days.
... and how to do it all from your backpack.
What I'll be Covering Inside of the
Instruction Manual Millionaire Live Master Class:

The Full "Instruction Manual Millionaire" System Overview.

In this section, I'll give you a full, 10,000 foot overview of how my "Live Training First' model works. Once you're done with this section, you'll have an in depth understanding as to how all of the elements of the system fit together.
What You'll Learn in this Section:
  •  My 4 day product creation, launch, and sales model.
  •  How to Make this Work for any kind of business.
  •  A 10k foot overview of how all the pieces of my system fit together.
  •  Why I started creating my products LIVE instead of spending weeks recording videos and then launching it... And WHY I'LL NEVER GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY.
  •  A full walkthrough of a real life campaign... every step of the way.

Part 2: 
My Bottomless Idea Well Secret.

In this section, I'm going to give you unprecedented access to the system that I use to come up with great products. This system is how I make sure that I'm always releasing something that will make my customers happy (and how I make a lot of money on each release).
What You'll Learn in this Section:
  •  The simple, 4 step framework that I use to come up product ideas on demand.
  •  My "Will it Sell Social Proof Checklist": This is how you can be sure that a product is going to be successful before you ever think about selling it (this is something I do before every new product and it's made me millions).
  •  My "Rebuy Rule of 5": I never create a digital product unless I know that it fits this rule. This is the key to people buying from me over and over again.
  •  My "Bottomless Idea Well": I'll show you the single most important website on the planet for coming up with great product ideas and making sure that you create a great product for you soon-to-be customers.
  •  A whole lot more...

Part 3: 
How I Create the Live Presentation from Scratch.

In this section, you'll get an in depth look at how I craft presentations for the live training call from scratch. You'll also learn how this plays into the overall product creation process (this part is critical and helps me find any "holes" before I ever get to the live call.
What You'll Learn in this Section:
  •  My 2 Hour Rule: I do everything I can to make sure one of my live training programs never goes over 2 hours. This is VITAL to your continued success and for customer satisfaction. I'll explain why and show you how I make sure I can do this every time.
  •  My "Recording Split Guide": I do something very special to make sure that my LIVE Call is easy to split up into sections later. This makes it easy for people to watch later and increases customer satisfaction. I'll show you exactly how I do it and how it makes creating a member's area easy later.
  •  My "Pro-touch Fast" Slide Creation Secret: A little while back I figured out a way to make my presentations look 1000x more professional. I'll show you exactly how I do it and exactly how you can make your presentations look amazing (even if you kind of suck at graphic design like I do).
  •  A whole lot more...

Part 4: 
The Email Campaign Template that I use to sell the Live Class.

This one email campaign has made me millions of dollars. I'm going to walk you through exactly how it works and how you apply it to your business on a routine basis.
What You'll Learn in this Section:
  •  The 5 day sequence: It only takes me 4 days to build the product and deliver it live. This email campaign is working around that 4 days to make sure that it sells. I'll show you the exact template that I use to sell a product... that hasn't even been created yet.
  •  The pre-indoctrination emails: The two emails that I send before the cart opens are the most important emails that I send in the entire campaign. These two emails set the stage and let everyone know exactly why they'll want to buy (or not).
  •  The role of scarcity: Every single product that I launch employs the careful (and honest) use of scarcity. I'll show you how to use it the right way.
  •  My Flagship Closing Day Sequence: I typically sell just as many seats for my live trainings on the last day as I do on the first (if not more). This sequence is responsible for a ton of the income that I've made over the years. I'll show you how to duplicate it for your product sale.

Part 5: 
How I Setup and Run the Live Call.

No one has ever seen this before. In this section, I'm going to show you exactly how I conduct the live training and how I make sure that everything runs smooth (and how I make sure the live audience rarely knows when there is a problem).
What You'll Learn in this Section:
  •  My dual screen Presentation setup: You don't have to have two monitors to run a successful live training... but it helps. I'll show you exactly what I see during a live training call and how it helps me deliver a training that is top notch.
  •  The 10 Second Recording Rule: This seems like such a minor thing to most of the people that see me use it on a weekly basis... but it's vitally important. I'll explain why we use a 10 second pause before every live training (and why you should too).
  •  My 5 "Oh No... that's not Good" Tricks: I've done hundreds of training webinars over the years. The most important part of all this experience is what to do when something goes wrong. I'll show you 5 of the most common big problems that pop up when doing live training calls... and how you can handle them without your audience ever knowing.
  •  My "Flood of Testimonials" Secret: Almost every single product that I've ever sold as a live training has been slated as something that I can sell later. We all know that testimonials make selling a product easier. That's why I want a flood of testimonials for my products. I'll show you how I instantly get 20-40 testimonials for my new product immediately after every training.  (This one secret is worth what you'll invest in the entire program).

Part 6: 
My Post Live Event Fulfillment Process.

In this section, I'll walk you through exactly what I do when the live training is over and how we turn the live training into something that we can sell for years to come.
What You'll Learn in this Section:
  •  How to Process the Replay Quickly.
  •  How to Create a Badass Members area fast.
  •  How to add your buyers to the members area (after the live call... not after the sale).
  •  How to Sell the Product again... after you've sold the live class.
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But That's Now All...
You'll Also Be Getting These Special Bonuses Inside:

Bonus #1: 
My Sales Page and Order Page Templates.

I'm going to make sure that you have all of the sales page templates and order forms that you need to sell and take money for your program.  You're going to get all of the sales materials that I use to sell my digital live classes before and after the actual class.

    Bonus #2: 
    My Live Call Slide Deck Template.

    The exact starting slide deck that I use to build everyone of my training programs. You'll also get 5 Slide Decks that I've used for past Products (Use these as a guide)

    Bonus #3: 
    My Sales Campaign Email Sequence Template.

     The exact template that I use for every live training program sale. This includes 5 real email campaigns that I've used and the amount of money that each made me the first time that we used them (these made me over 100k from just the first use) You'll get to see each email.

    Bonus #4: 
    My Step-by-Step Workflow Checklists.

     The exact step-by-step checklist that you can use to make sure that you've done everything right at every step of the live product creation process. This will help you nail it the first time that you go through everything.
    Only 20 Seats Available.
    Lock in Your Seat for this Special Live Class Now.
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