Ready to Learn how to get paid to NOT show up at your office?
The Real Story of How a Chiropractor Escaped His Office by Using his Expertise to Build a Thriving Online-Based Business
...that he runs from a backpack as he travels the world!
Learn how you Can
Turn your Expertise into a
Fulltime Digital Business
You'll learn exactly how Experts are ditching their office
 and making more money every year with a digital brand.
Professionals are raving about how Dr. Ben Adkins new book is transforming traditional “brick and mortar” industries into successful digital businesses.
Who Should Read this Book?
...Private Practice owners who are tired of being confined to their office walls and a 9-5 schedule and want the freedom to grow their business on their own time. 

They're ready to build an international business by selling their expertise online to people who are already looking for their help.
...Brick and Mortar Business owners who are tired of limiting their customer base to only their local market. 

They're ready to breakaway from the traditional 1-on-1 model and instead, rapidly grow  their business by selling 1-to-Many.
...Smart Entrepreneurs who are ready to put their expertise into a format that can be sold and delivered 24/7, even when they've stepped away from their computer to enjoy life. 

They're ready to streamline their business into a sustainable model that supports ongoing growth and unlimited potential.
What Exactly Will You Learn Inside of
The Book?
Are You Really Ready for a Change?

First, it's important to know if you are a good fit for a Digital Business and whether your expertise translates well into the online space.

During this first chapter, we'll outline core features that are required to build a successful online, expertise-based business and whether your personal expertise can successfully turned into a 6-7 figure per year empire.

The System I Used to Escape my Office.

In this chapter, you'll get a bird's eye view of the exact system that Dr. Adkins used to escape his own office, and has since repeated to help other experts do the same over the last 8 years. This includes the digital products he's successfully sold as well as the highly effective selling strategies to maximize his earnings with each of these products.

To help you avoid the painstaking process of building your business over the course of months, or even years, this chapter also reveals the shortcuts to building the guts of this business in a matter of weeks. 

More specifically, you'll learn how to turn the expertise, carried inside your head, into products that will make you money in the next 30-90 days.

Finding and Understanding your "New Customers"

Until now, your ability to grow your business has been severely limited to your local market. This makes it extremely difficult to grow, especially if you operate in a modestly-sized town or city. We'll show you how to attract clients from all around the world that are actively seeking the help of someone with your expertise. 

Our goal here is to ensure you have a market waiting to pounce on your digital business before you even start building it.

Your 3 Rung "Escape Ladder"

The next key step to growing your online business is to create products. This is how you drastically ramp up your revenue. However, it’s not nearly as daunting a task as it sounds. 

In this chapter, you're going to learn about the 3 products that all highly successful digital businesses need. You'll learn the exact purpose of each product, get an inside look at how these products relate to each other, and most importantly, how you can build them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Escape Ladder Part 1:
Creating your Low Ticket Audio Book.

Many experts, such as yourself, are currently walking around with highly valuable knowledge and information that many people are willing to pay to learn. The reason most people fail to take action is they often discount the true value of their own expertise. 

In this chapter, you'll see how to bottle up your expertise and quickly turn it into an audiobook that will position you as the premier expert on a subject.

You'll learn exactly why creating an audiobook is so much better than writing a regular book. You’ll also find out how this audiobook will serve as your ultimate business card and highly effective customer attraction tool.

Escape Ladder Part 2:
Creating your Mid Ticket Video Course.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to create a digital video based product that people will gladly pay $200-$1000 for. We'll go through the core components needed to create this product the right way and how it takes your audiobook (from Chapter 5) and expands upon the knowledge you covered there.

Your time is valuable, which is why this chapter zeroes in on how you can create this product as quickly as possible while clearing your calendar and removing the need to see 1-on-1 clients ever again. This is the secret to turning your business into a true online-based powerhouse - and the secret to how Dr Adkins built his backpack based business!

Escape Ladder Part 3:
Creating your High Ticket Group Coaching.

This is where we really turn up the revenue of your new online-based business. In this chapter, you're going to learn how you can build an exclusive group coaching program that clients will willingly pay premium membership fees to join. This is how you can charge $5000-$100,000 per client while avoiding the 1-on-1 calls that drain your time and energy. 

This chapter is all about truly scaling an international business with incredible potential for growth. It completely removes you from the "time equals money" business nightmare that most experts are currently trapped in.

Making Your Brand Attractive to New Customers.

Creating your own website might sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, attracting a steady stream of customers with a polished website is a lot easier than you think. 

In this chapter, we’ll break down how to create webpages that become new customer magnets. We’ll also cover how you can use these webpages as a highly effective selling tool for each of the 3 products that you learned to create in the previous chapters.

We’re also going to take this one big step further and show you combine these pages to form a ‘sales funnel’ - this is how we automate your business so you can collect sales, even when you’re away from your computer.

Getting Eyeballs:
Getting Your Product in front of Targeted Buyers.

There are a number of folks who are actively seeking help from someone with your expertise. In the vast digital world, the key is bringing you and those potential clients together.

In this chapter, you'll learn our simple strategy for connecting your products with those customers and turning them into paying clients. By the end of this chapter, you’ll have a deep understanding of our core mindset that we use to effectively attract targeted buyers.

The Next 12 Months of Building Your Backpack Business
 (how to get to 6-7 figures/year).

Our goal is to utilize your time as effectively as possible. In this chapter, we’ll walk you through the process for building this entire business in the next 90 days. Please note: some clients have gotten their business off the ground even faster than this! 

By the end of this chapter, you’ll be equipped with an action plan for ongoing growth. This is your guide for turning your online business into a 6- or even 7-figure empire in as little as 12 months. 



Caring for clients as a Chiropractor has traditionally meant 1-on-1 appointments in a physical office - but not anymore. Following the guidelines laid out in this book, we’ve had Chiropractors take their back pain relief protocol and transform it into a full-blown online course and coaching program. Drastically increase the number of clients they’re able to reach in a much shorter amount of time. 


As a lawyer, it never seemed possible to make a living without having to work long hours and take on heavy caseloads. The strategy inside this book changes that. Lawyers now have the ability to reduce (or even eliminate!) their “in-person” appointments and offer digital programs that walk clients through specific legal issues. Not only freeing up their personal time but making their services more accessible to a wider range of clients.


Gym owners and personal training coaches who’ve been limited to in-person appointments have been freeing up their calendars with this digital approach. They’re turning their physical programs into online courses that can easily reach hundreds of new clients. 

If you've DEDICATED 10,000+ hours to master a skill, This Book Will Show You How to turn that skill into a thriving online enterprise That Attracts Clients From around the World
"I've always served my audience with 1-on-1, in person appointments. I don't see how my skillset could possibly be turned into an online business. Is this book is right for me?"

Not only has Dr. Ben Adkins helped thousands of experts, who were previously "trading hours for money" take their business online, he's also accomplished this feat himself. Previously the owner of his own Chiropractic clinic, Dr. Ben Adkins would have never guessed he could effectively help clients in a virtual environment. Years later, Dr. Ben Adkins is now helping other professionals make the same transition to an online-based business, including fellow Chiropractors, Real Estate Agents, Therapists, Lawyers, Speakers, Coaches, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Carpenters, Gym owners, Accountants, and a host of other experts in their fields.

So yes, if you've dedicated time into learning a skill or trade that helps others solve a specific problem, this book will explain how you can turn your business into one that can be offered online. This will even work for businesses that are service-based!
"I have little to no experience with working in an online environment. Is this a good fit for me?"

Many of the professionals, experts and entrepreneurs who have already followed this same strategy and made the transition from the "physical world" were able to successfully bring their business online with little knowledge. Some had no idea that launching an online-business was even possible! The Million Dollar Backpack is your stepping stone to finding that work-life balance you've been after, and we've broken it down to make it as easy to consume and execute as possible. 
Why is this book called "Million Dollar Backpack"?
Dr Ben Adkins was a full time Chiropractor before he started packaging his expertise into online programs.

Before he started his online businesses, he rarely got to travel or take much time off of work. Even though his practice was highly successful, it still didn't give him much time away from his office. When his online business took off, he made it a point to spend more time with his family and to travel as much as possible. 

Because of that, he made sure that he never again trapped himself in a business that required an office. This book is based on the mantra that he's carried with him ever since he left his Chiropractic Practice. That mantra is that he would never again create or run a business that he couldn't operate from things that he could fit in a backpack.

In Summary... 
If you have a laptop, an internet connection, and a passion about a subject, you have everything you need to run a multimillion dollar business.
ABout the AUthor
Dr Ben Adkins is a retired Chiropractor and an online business expert who specializes in helping people take their expertise and turn it into a profitable online business.

He's helped thousands of people, from all over the world, escape their offices and turn their passion and expertise into something that brings them a full time income (while they are busy traveling the world or pursuing personal passions). 

Ben's belief that no well intentioned expert should ever feel trapped by the passion was the inspiration for him to write "Million Dollar Backpack". 

This book is a love letter to all fed up Private Practitioners and experts who are ready for a real change.
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