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The 7 Days to Launch Live Documentary
Follow along Live as Dr Ben Adkins builds the Products and Funnel that will power a 6-7 Figure per year Brand...
...and does it right in front of you over 7 days.
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What you're Going to Learn in this " 7 Day Live Documentary"

Day 1: My "Finding Buyers First" Process
I'm going to walk through the exact process that I go through to make sure that my product is something that people want and zero in on my ideal customers for the product. You'll get a crystal clear understanding of how I know that my digital business has a high likelihood of succeeding before I start creating any of the products
Day 2: Mapping a 6-7 Figure Product and Sales Funnel.
I'm going to show you exactly how I map out my core products and sales funnel. You'll see the exact strategy that I'm following to get paid customers fast and turn those paid customers into higher ticket sales. 

You'll also see exactly how I map out the content for each of the core products for the brand (the low ticket, the mid ticket, and the high ticket)... and how I do it quickly.
Day 3: Creating our Audio Book from Scratch.
I'm going to record an entire audio book on this day. You'll get a behind the scenes look at what I'm using to do that and how I get the work done so quickly. You're going to get a view of the actual work that I've never shown anyone else before.

When this day is over, you'll understand exactly how you can create a book (that you can use to grow your business) in just a day.
Day 4: Creating the Core Product (Part 1)
I'm going to create the full keynote/powerpoint presentation for the core product on this day. You'll get a behind the scenes look at how I go about creating full digital courses (based on my expertise) in just a few hours.

You'll be able to use this exact process to create your own digital courses (based on the information that is already in your head).
Day 5: Creating the Core Product (Part 2) and FB Support Group.
I'm going to take the keynote/powerpoint presentation that I created in Day 4 and turn it into a full video training today. You'll see exactly how I prepare for the training and how I quickly get it shot, edited, and uploaded to the internet to be used as a product.

I'll also be walking you through how I put this content into a consumable format (you'll see my "high tech" members area as well as how I create products for much cheaper when I need to keep cost low.

I'll also be walking you through the process of setting up a "Facebook Support Group" for all of my products (which is also a good place to sell my higher ticket program)
Day 6: Creating the Sales Material.
I'm going to walk you through how I customize a few core sales templates into a full blown sales funnel which is customized for my new product and brand. You'll see exactly how I put together sales copy, take money, and deliver the products that I just sold.

You'll see the sales pages, upsell videos, and email scripts that I use to make everything work.

You'll get all the down and dirty pieces to how this all works and connects so that I actually have something up for sale fast.
Day 7: Cleaning Everything up and Going Live.
On day 7... we're going to connect all of the pieces that we've built so far and push the product live so that we can sell it to the public.

On day 7, I'm also going to cover exactly how I plan on marketing the product for the next 51 weeks of the year to turn it into a 6-7 figure brand.

If you're 1 of the Lucky 100 to Get Inside, You're Also Getting...

Bonus #1: All of my "7 Days Until Launch" Templates and Scripts
In the main 7 day documentary, you're getting to see me put these into use... Now you're going to get full access to them.

Specifically... You're going to get full access to all of the sales pages templates (and share files), the upsell scripts, and email scripts that make everything work. Not only do you get to see these, you're also going to get the underlying templates and scripts that make it all work.
Bonus #2: My "Next 51 Weeks" Traffic Strategy
Once we get all of the core products and funnel finished in the 7 day program, I want to walk you through how I'll be driving traffic to and marketing this brand.

In this special bonus, you'll get a full access pass to how I drive traffic to all of my online businesses once they are live.
Bonus #3: How to launch and run this business from anywhere.
Throughout this program, you'll be learning how you can launch this product from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This business is designed to be run with things that you can fit inside of a backpack.
✅ [Bonus #4] The Agency Opportunity (your 36k Package)
You'll learn how to take everything you've learned and to turn it into a service that you can offer for $36k+ (per client). I'll walk you through how to build the package and how to sell it to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program for?
If you run a business that is powered by your expertise, this is going to show you exactly how to build an online business that you can run from a things that fit in a backpack. You're going to learn how to build the low ticket indoctrination product (audio book), the mid ticket video course, and the high ticket consulting program the power this business model. You'll also learn exactly how to drive traffic to it every single week to get more leads and sales.

This is perfect for Digital Agency owners who want a more complete business and sales funnel.
It's a great fit for any expert based brick and mortar business owner (Chiropractors, Real Estate Agents, Fitness experts, etc)
It's also a great fit for any SaaS platform owner that wants to grow their software using an info based funnel.

In short... if you have a business that is powered by your expertise, this program will show you how Dr Ben Adkins build information based businesses that attract customers from all over the world (and how he builds the core products and funnel fast).
Why is Ben putting together this Documentary Now?
Simply put... A lot of people have realized that they need a change in their lives and that their normal business or work situation isn't working anymore. In the past month, we have had an influx of people reaching out for help with creating their own Online Information Business. 

Because of all those request, we wanted to put something together that shows people exactly how to build a business quickly and how to grow it long term.
How is this Different than a Normal training Program from Ben?
During this program, you're going to get less of a polished presentation and more of a daily group mastermind with Ben. During this mastermind, Ben will walk you through what he's doing and exactly what he's building. He'll answer all of your questions live from the Live call inside of the Facebook group. You're going to see the good, bad, and ugly parts of creating a product and brand.

The 7 days of Live Streams will be candid and without a filter (which is unlike anything out there).

You're going to see how Ben works in a normal week when he's putting a product and funnel together. 
What if I can't make one of the Live Daily training sessions?
Each Live session will be at 2PM EST. 
It will start on Monday (April 13th) and will end on Sunday (April 19th).

Each live session's replay and any supporting training and materials will go live inside of the member's area so that you can watch them later.
(The first session will be held inside of Gotowebinar and all following sessions will be held inside of the FB Group as a Live Stream).
What exactly is Ben Building as a part of this Business?
Ben will be creating the core funnel that he creates for all of his high ticket clients. You'll learn how he builds the low ticket intro offer (an audio book priced at $9.95), the mid ticket upsell (an information course priced at $299.95), and a high ticket program (a consultant service package priced anywhere from 5k-100k).

Below is a map of what the funnel will end up looking like...
If I have questions about building my program along the way... will those be answered?
Yes... The Facebook Support group is specifically for asking questions about customizing this model for your business. It will be your way to privately access Ben and ask him questions about anything as it relates to the Documentary or his systems.
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